This Yacht Defies My Wildest Tackiest Dreams - And It's Awesome

Sure, it's just a concept, but if someone has envisioned this aircraft carrier of stupidity, this 155m epitome of naff, I'm sure it will be built by some Russian or Arab rich guy. And I can only hope I'm invited.

The Streets of Monaco. That's how they call it. And that's what it is, because it's as cheesecake tacky as Montecarlo itself. Perpetrated by Yacht Island Design and BMT Nigel Gee, it comes with a go-kart circuit, swim-in jacuzzi bar, Casino Square with glass-bottomed fountain, and an endless array of over-the-top amenities that will surely appeal to rich imbeciles all round the world, as well as poor imbeciles such as myself. [Born Rich]

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