This Tent Stands Up Without Poles

The worst part about camping, aside from the occasional bear maul? Having to deal with pain in the arse tent poles. Unless you're using the Cave tent by Heimplant, which inflates its own rigid skeleton - no poles necessary.

The entire inflatable support structure is super durable and separated into separate compartments, so that your outdoors domicile doesn't crash down onto your head if it gets punctured. And with a pump, the whole thing stands up in one minute. Try assembling a traditional tent that fast. [Heimplant via The Awesomer]


    I have had a similarly designed tent in my family since the 60s. It always blows peoples minds when we arrive at a campsite and we can pump up the tent within a minute or two.

    Easy to take down as well!

    Looks interesting, but it's only vapourware at present.

    I thought of this idea about a year ago, guess I wasn't the first... What would happen if u inflated with helium?

    I prefer this throw tent from Decathlon. Sets up in 2 seconds. Just watch the video.

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