Thinksound Earbuds Now Available In Australia, Still Sound Fantastic

It was almost a year ago that the US team reviewed the thinksound wooden earbuds here on Giz. Thanks to local distributor Noisy Motel, the buds are now available in Australia, sounding awesome and looking sweet.

We've been playing around with the thinksound Rain 9mm in-ear headphones for the past month or so, and just like the original review said, the sound quality is fantastic. They're available for $119, with the ts01 buds selling for $99 and the ts02+mic models costing $109. All models are available in either a chocolate or cherry wood finish. With the added bonus of being as eco-friendly as any headphones can really be, and an impressive sound performance, they're well worth the money.

[Noisy Motel]

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