The Year In Illegal Downloads

Whether you disapprove of illegal downloading, or are happily BitTorrenting Hot Tub Time Machine right now, there's no debating that BitTorrent's Zeitgeist 2010 makes for an interesting read. Find out what the 100 most searched-for phrases and keywords were, below.

It's worth noting this list might not be entirely accurate, as there are literally hundreds of sites using BitTorrent, but KickassTorrents (in the top 10 of torrent sites) pulled together a list of their 100 search terms for the year, from millions and millions of searches.

Unsurprisingly, the most searched-for download was Inception, following by Iron Man 2. James Cameron won't be too pleased by Avatar clocking in at number six, though it did beat "porn" at number nine. At number 20, Windows 7 was the first piece of software, and further down the list at number 88 Microsoft appears again, with Office 2010. See the full list over at TorrentFreak now. [KickassTorrents via TorrentFreak via TechRadar]

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