The Weirdest Things That Get Dropped On New Years Eve

The Weirdest Things That Get Dropped On New Years Eve

If you thought dropping Snooki was weird, you haven’t seen the rest of America. Some cities drop really weird things on New Years Eve. How weird? How about bologna, sausage, a drag queen, a bag of chips and a possum?

If you’re from any of these cities, well, congratulations for surviving the weirdness around you:

• Giant Pickle – Dillsburg, Pennsylvania

• Pinecone – Flagstaff, Arizona

• Drag Queen – Key West, Florida

• Peep candy – Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

• Giant Sausage – Elmore, Ohio

• Captain Wylie the Walleye fish – Port Clinton, Ohio

• Giant Cheese – Plymouth, Wisconsin

• 150 pound stick of bologna – Lebanon, Pennsylvania

• Giant Peach – Atlanta, Georgia

• Giant Acorn – Raleigh, North Carolina

• Bag of Chips – Lewistown, Pennsylvania

• Wrench – Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

• Possum – Brasstown, North Carolina

• Possum – Tallapoosa, Georgia

How is it possible that two different cities drop possums? Possums are disgusting creatures! Anyway, here’s a few of these wonky celebrations in pictures:

The full set of pictures is over at BuzzFeed.

Image Credit: Celebuzz