The One iPad Stylus We’ll Allow You To Buy: Griffin’s Crayola

The One iPad Stylus We’ll Allow You To Buy: Griffin’s Crayola

I think we’re all in agreement that styluses are stupid objects designed for products unworthy of our time. Now that’s settled, let’s take a look at one I’d actually buy—it’s cute, and even comes with a Crayola app.

There are plenty of coloring-in apps for the iPad already, but ask any kid and they’ll tell you that it’s gotta be Crayola. The Crayola ColorStudio HD has heaps of art for kids to colour in, in various themes like oceans and jungles. They can be coloured in digitally, using Griffin’s Crayola stylus, or printed out and coloured in with actual crayons.

50 activities and games are also included, for coloring in and playing with, and proud parents can share them instantly by emailing them to Gran, or posting them on Facebook. There’s another “type” of Facebook friend you’re going to have to hide soon.

The UK price for the stylus is £20 / $US30, but unfortunately it won’t be available for another few months. [Griffin]

London, UK, January 4th, 2011 – Griffin Technology Inc., maker of innovations for everyday life, has announced its partnership with Crayola. The relationship is focused on blending colouring, a timeless Crayola activity, with cutting-edge mobile technology. The first collaboration, Crayola ColorStudio™ HD, will be on display during CES in the Griffin booth, iLounge Pavilion – North Hall #4727.

“We love creating technology for kids-it’s one of the most exciting and rewarding things we do,” said Mark Rowan, President of Griffin Technology. “We’re thrilled to partner with Crayola and bring its signature blend of kid-friendly creativity to the digital world.”

“Colouring, as kids know, is about to come alive in an amazing new way through our partnership with Griffin Technology,” said Warren Schorr, Head of Crayola Licensing. “Imagine a colouring book that morphs and changes as kids digitally colour it in. This application is taking a classic play pattern and bringing it totally outside the box.”

Crayola ColorStudio HD is an entirely new digital play experience, coupling a multi-activity drawing application for iPad (Crayola ColourStudio HD App) with a custom-built digital stylus, called Crayola iMarker™. Together with iMarker, the ColourStudio HD App allows young artists to colour and interact with special “live” animated colouring book pages that move and react as they colour, combining custom-produced pictures, animations, music, sound effects, and high quality special effects. For example, in one setting fish swim, doors open to reveal surprises, and mermaids serenade the young artist.

The iMarker digital stylus brings the app to life. Like a marker, crayon, pen, and paintbrush in one, iMarker creates favourite Crayola colours within the ColourStudio HD App. iMarker safely interacts with iPad’s Multi-Touch display, allowing the ColourStudio HD app to differentiate between the child’s input (fingers, swipes, etc.) and the iMarker automatically. This allows intuitive, creative play that brings the accuracy and ease of a stylus but, for the first time, allows the user to both manipulate the creative space and colour, without having to toggle the app between modes.

The ColourStudio HD App features a large, built-in library of art that provides hundreds of hours of play in themed environments like undersea, jungle and playtime activities. The App even lets the user design an unlimited number of their own animated colouring book pages. Kids can colour them in the app, or print them out from iPad (iOS 4.2 or later) to colour with Crayola Crayons and Markers. ColourStudio HD also contains more than 50 immersive game and activity pages, like Musical Dot 2 Dot and Colour by Numbers that combine special effects, music, motion, and more. Parents can share their favourite art pieces via a share feature by printing, emailing, or posting the art to Facebook. ColourStudio HD will include free content updates at regular intervals after launch, continually providing kids with fresh and exciting activities.

Crayola ColourStudio HD is a unique new digital experience that will keep kids entertained for hours, and is just the first offering in this exciting partnership. Together, Griffin and Crayola are creating new ways for children to colour, draw, and discover in the digital age.


Pricing and Availability

Crayola ColorStudio HD, £19.99, will be available Spring 2011, and includes Crayola iMarker digital stylus (AA batteries included), a free download of the ColourStudio HD App, periodic content updates, and built-in user tutorials. For more information, visit