The Noun Project: A Universal Language Based On Graphic Symbols

The Noun Project wants to create a comprehensive collection universal symbols/graphics for all the things we use and encounter in day to day life, calling it a visual language. They also want it to be freely available to all.

The project, started by Edward Boatman, launched the project on Kickstarter with a modest goal to raise $US1500. So far, they've raised nearly $US15,000, and the donations seem to keep rolling in. By making the content freely available, they hope their collection will become a universal standard.

The Noun Project

Right now, they have about 500 symbols. With the money they raise, they're gonna work on technology to make user uploaded designs possible, and existing content easier to find using cataloging and search features. They also plan to release symbols in packs/collections, and want to hold contests to create new symbols.

Each graphic is downloadable when you click on it, and comes to you in the scalable vector graphic (SVG) format. The graphics fall under Creative Commons guidelines, and you're free to do whatever you want with them. Sounds pretty neat. [The Noun Project via Kickstarter via The Atlantic]

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