The New Starbucks Trenta Cup Is Bigger Than Your Stomach

To satisfy the unquenchable gullets of America's brand-name coffee drinkers, Starbucks will introduce a 916ml Trenta cup. That's more than the average capacity of the human stomach, and enough caffeine to stand in for a defibrillator.

Of course, it's not much - if any - different from a Big Gulp or any movie theatre's large beverage container. But for some reason, coffee's just that much more insidious. You'll be able to sample one for yourself when the Trenta rolls out in the US by May 3. [National Post via Laughing Squid]


    Too much is not enough! Tell us again about excess and overweight children!

      Does anyone else remember about 7-8 years ago when they took their super-jumbo size drinks off the market? Because people who were dumb enough to drink them were having heart problems? And now they're bringing them back, by popular demand no less. We're all gonna die.

    Holy crap. 900+ mL of godawful coffee.


    We certainly hope that this incredible gift hits the city before it gets warm again. On these cold winter mornings, 20 ounces just ain’t gonna cut it.

    Hopefully this time next year we'll be able to get our hands on the gallon(a). Drink up everybody!

      Apparently this size is not being released in Seattle, which is strange considering Seattle allegedly has the highest coffee consumption per capita in the US.

    Grande? Trenta? Venti?

    Starbucks, naming your size conventions bizarre fake Italian words doesn't make your coffee taste any better.

    "It's a bit nutty!"

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