The Lego Stadium That Would've Cost $US75,000 To Build

Meet Paul. The physiology professor is an avid fan of the Ohio Stadium, and like the German Lego stadium-builder from a few years back, he used over a million bricks to create the 1:100 scale build over two years.

Measuring 2.4m by 1.8m, Paul got many of the bricks through second-hand traders' sites, but if he'd bought them brand-new, they would've cost him up to $US75,000, he reckons. If you're wondering what a man could possibly do with a 1:100 scale model of a stadium, listen up: Paul plans to put it to good use on his university's campus, using it to fundraise for heart failure and muscular dystrophy research. As the stadium can hold 6000 Lego people, that could be 6000 charitable people represented. [Dispatch via Sportress of Blogitude - Thanks, Kris!]

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