The Daytum iPhone App Makes Personal Data Collection Beautiful

Data is everywhere. How many miles you've run, how many coffees you've gulped, how many films you've watched—it can get overwhelming. Daytum's new iPhone app might be the prettiest way to keep track of it all.

The freshly minted app is a companion to the Daytum website, conceived as a "personal year report designer" by designers Nicholas Felton and Ryan Case. Basically it lets you collect and organise data with a pretty, clean interface—you can plug in how many beers you've had each night, how many songs you've downloaded from iTunes, how many concerts you've been to or pretty much any other point you want to keep an eye on. Add the ability to look at that data over a certain period of time, look at graphs for each data set, etc, and hey, before you know it, there's some brilliant insight about yourself you would have never gleaned otherwise!

The app is free, though Daytum offers a $US4 per month unlimited account that unlocks more features. [Daytum via Infosthetics]

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