Taco Bell Clarifies: That Recent Lawsuit Is Bogus—Our Seasoned Beef Recipe Is 88% Beef!

Taco Bell Clarifies: That Recent Lawsuit Is Bogus—Our Seasoned Beef Recipe Is 88% Beef!

Ready for more beef drama? After a terse initial response to a lawsuit claiming that only 36% of its ‘Taco Meat Filling’ is actually beef, Taco Bell has followed up with a fairly detailed breakdown of the mysterious recipe.

This is the statement that was provided by a Taco Bell representative:


“The lawsuit is bogus and filled with completely inaccurate facts. Our beef is 100% USDA inspected, just like the quality beef you would buy in a supermarket and prepare in your home. It then is slow-cooked and simmered with proprietary seasonings and spices to provide Taco Bell’s signature taste and texture. Our seasoned beef recipe contains 88% quality USDA-inspected beef and 12% seasonings, spices, water and other ingredients that provide taste, texture and moisture. The lawyers got their facts wrong. We take this attack on our quality very seriously and plan to take legal action against them for making false statements about our products. There is no basis in fact or reality for this suit and we will vigorously defend the quality of our products from frivolous and misleading claims such as this.”

What is in Taco Bell’s recipe for seasoned beef?

“We’re cooking with a proprietary recipe to give our seasoned beef flavour and texture, just like you would with any recipe you cook at home.

For example, when you make chili, meatloaf or meatballs, you add your own recipe of seasoning and spices to give the beef flavour and texture, otherwise, it would taste just like unseasoned ground beef. We do the same thing with our recipe for seasoned beef.

Our recipe for seasoned beef includes ingredients you’d find in your home or in the supermarket aisle today:

  • 88% USDA-inspected quality beef
  • 3-5% water for moisture
  • 3-5% spices (including salt, chili pepper, onion powder, tomato powder, sugar, garlic powder, cocoa powder and a proprietary blend of Mexican spices and natural flavours).
  • 3-5% oats, starch, sugar, yeast, citric acid, and other ingredients that contribute to the quality of our product.

Our seasoned beef contains no “extenders” to add volume, as some might use. For more information about our ingredients go to http://www.tacobell.com.”

Greg Creed

President and Chief Concept Officer

Taco Bell Corp.

In case you’re curious, you can also find this statement—along with any updates to it—on <a href=”Taco Bell“>Taco Bell’s website. You can find Taco Bell’s first statement here and our initial coverage of the lawsuit here.