Great Geek Sellouts In Las Vegas Casinos

Is it wrong for big names in geek culture to license out their brands to steal the hopes and dreams of gamblers everywhere? Welcome to the Dark Side, where one of the first things we saw after stepping off the flight to Las Vegas was a Star Wars slot machine. It seems in Vegas, nothing is sacred, so we've gathered a collection of some offenders below. And made bad jokes about them, too.

This ties in with the recent story on smart the gaming companies are getting at making these things so attractive. Personally, I'd never stick money into a slot machine... but while annoyed by the below I also came pretty close to putting in a dollar just to see what they've done with beloved franchises. How quickly could that have turned into $2? $10? Thankfully I'll never know.

Here's the airport Star Wars machines. "Great slot kid, that was one in a million."

And here's Star Wars right at home in The Venetian. Complete with a big screen showing classic moments from the films.

No, Trekkies, you don't get away from this. Nice to know Picard has only ever been involved with a pinball machine.

Of all the Indy films, they've made the slot machine about the Sankara Stones from Temple of Doom?

Even Lord of the Rings can't escape. Will you find your precious here, or will Sauron take your life? All bets on the later.

I bet Tolkien would be so proud...

I suppose if you put money in the machine with Darth Vader looming large, you should really know what you're getting yourself into.

Alright, we've left science fiction / fantasy now, but really. Happy Days? This was called "Richie's Big Night". Awww... Vegas, baby.

This one I might almost play! Damn they're good...

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