Sony's 3D Camera Only Has A 20 Minute Battery Life

Sony announced a lot of products at CES this year, and a lot of them included 3D of some sort or other. But in the case of their 3D camcorder, the feature comes at the expense of battery life, with the included battery only offering 20 minutes worth of recording time.

The reason for the tiny battery life is simple - the camera actually shoots two full HD streams - one through each of the lenses - and incorporates two processors and two sensors which combine the image to create the 3D effect. The fact it has a 10x optical zoom doesn't help battery life either.

Sony were quick to tell us that they'll happily sell you higher capacity batteries so you can record for longer, or just additional batteries that can be swapped out at any time, but that doesn't change the fact that 20 minutes of recording time isn't very long, and will inevitably lead to plenty of disappointment for 3D camera early adopters.

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