Sony's 24.5-Inch OLED Screens Launching For B2B Market This Year

OLED is an amazing technology, but its rollout to big screen sizes has been almost painfully slow. At a roundtable this morning at CES, Sony's President of Consumer, Professional & Devices Group confirmed that OLED is still alive and well, and that the 24.5-inch screen on display would be launching this year. The catch? It won't be for consumers...

"Most likely this year we're launching this for the B2B market for professional use, because [the]quality is super that is necessary for the broadcasting people. The question is whether we can launch this for the consumer or not, and this is the series of some discussion which I cannot comment [about]today."

So, fingers crossed for more OLED sooner rather than later.


    27inch 300ppi OLED panels in next gen iMac. Boom! Go rumour go!

    I'd be happy just to see some more mid-spec 27 to 30 inch 2560 x 1440 LED monitors for PC's.

    The current Apple, HP and Dell monitors in this size range are too expensive.

    Some competition is necessary to bring prices down.

    i crossed my fingers as you say :) hope for good

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