Sierra Point-and-Click Adventures: From The Web To Your iPad

With the advent of touchscreen gaming, point-and-click adventures are experiencing something of a rennaissance. Thanks to a cunning soul, now you can play Sierra On-line's classic line up of point-and-clicks straight from the web on your iPad.

Titles like Leisure Suit Larry, Space Quest and Gold Rush! have been made available to play for free, and they take full advantage of the iPad's spacious touchscreenI. Also&em;I'm guessing it's to cut down on bandwidth usage&em;these browser-based games only work on the iPad. Well they technically work on the iPhone, but it's kind of not fun due to the discrepancy in screen proportions.

In any case, if you have an iPad, just head on over here and check it out and play awhile. It's Friday night; what else could you possible have to do? [Sarien via TUAW]

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