Shooting Challenge: Portrait, Gallery

Shooting Challenge: Portrait, Gallery

Our first shooting challenge got off to a cracking start. Here are some of your best portrait shots taken this past week.  title= Meredith Clegg

Canon 5d 24-70 lens 50m focal Shot in Studio

I decided to put a different spin on the usual ‘traditional’ portrait. People seem to hide themselves behind objects etc as a means of not relating to other human beings. As this is the point I am trying to put across I decided to cover one of the eyes of the model as I know that eyes are seen as the windows to the soul.

 title= Mark Romero

This is a photo of my first born son that I took today whilst he was resting on mum’s chest after a feed. Normally he just goes to sleep immediately but today he was looking at me, concentrating a lot. In retrospect I think he was just filling his nappy up. I thought he would make a good portrait nevertheless. His name is Xavier and he is 12 days old today.

My camera is a 7D. The lens I used was the EFS 15-85mm at 70mm and an aperture of 5.6. I used my 580ex II flash (bounce off roof and white card for the shine in the eyes). I did a quick red filter black and white conversion in Aperture to make it nicer.

 title= Luke Smith

This shot was taken on my brand new Canon EOS Kissx4 (550D) which I picked up in Vietnam on my honeymoon this month. It was taken in my living room with the lights off bar my small desk lamp with the kit 18-55mm lens at 1/200 f/4.5, ISO 800. I read your article and decided to have a crack. This is my first dSLR and I’m just beginning to understand how it all works. Set in manual mode I fiddled with the shutter speed and ISO until I got the the look I was after. No tripod was used I just held it up and put on my best “Blue Steel” impersonation.

 title= Jacob Penno

f4 using an Nikon D3100, AFS Nikkor 18-55mm lens.. on my tripod in my dining room today after reading the post. Story: I’m the most awesome person in the world, Enough said.

 title= DJ Paine

i’m a photographer on the gold coast and i used the challenge to combine with me wanting to try the facebook tiles idea… this was shot with a canon 5D 24mm with a a wireless trigger firing off two remote flashes. i am holding one and the other is lighting me. enjoy!

 title= Benjamin Harvey

This was shot with a D7000 with a 55mm AI-S lens at f/1.4 and an ISO 200. This was a couple of months after I received my first DSLR. I found the 55mm lens on Gumtree. This was the first shot I took of my girlfriend after she was asking what the difference was between my stock lens and the prime lens. She knew after this photo.

Thanks so much for everyone who entered. If you missed out, stay tuned for the next Shooting challenge tomorrow!