Shit-Eating Poo-Gloos Look Like They Came From Outer Space

Apologies if my headline offended anyone, but I'm sure the Poo-Gloos don't mind. After treating sewage in six US states, they're accustomed to the odd crappy insult.

Wastewater Compliance Systems Inc uses them for treating sewage due to their eco-friendliness, affordable nature and fast processing powers. They work in rows, using air to draw water through the domes from the bottom of the lagoons they sit on, and out through the top. While they're known as Poo-Gloos for now, due to the materials they work with, Wastewater Compliance Systems Inc will be renaming them as Bio-Domes so they can be used in other forms of recycling. [Wastewater Compliance Systems Inc via Gizmag]

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