Seven BigPond TV Channels Now Available On Samsung TVs, Coming To LG Soon

Way back in 2010 when Samsung and LG launched their latest range of HDTVs, both Korean manufacturers announced they'd be delivering BigPond TV content directly to the TV. Samsung finally switched on that functionality last week, with LG announcing they'll be following in a few weeks.

Available through the Samsung Apps section of their latest range of IP connected TVs, the BigPond TV content consists of seven channels of entertainment, including a 24/7 news channel, dedicated AFL, NRL and V8 Supercar channels, 24/7 sports news, live horseracing and a music channel called BPM.

The service will also launch on LGTVs in the coming weeks, joining the BigPond Movies service that launched back in May last year. Content through the BigPond TV service will be mostly unmetered for BigPond customers too.

And for those hoping for a world filled with dumb TVs and intelligent companion devices, the service will also be available through certain Samsung and LG Blu-ray layers and home theatre systems, not just their TVs. Win.

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    I wish theyd bring them out for telstra/bigpond customers on iDevices!!

      Apple would need to allow that, besides, $300 for a T-Box PVR is pretty good to me :)

        Theres already services similar from Ten and ABC... I dont see a reason to stop it... But I'm sure Apple will.

    So 7 would rather have their bigpond channels on other devices but not their venture that is Tivo. If Tivo had that feature it would pull more people into it.

      This is not Channel 7 content, this is 7 channels of Bigponds TV content. This has nothing to do with Channel 7

    I can barely contain my excitement.

    When is Panasonic going to improve their Aussie version of veiracast???

    I bought an LG BD-560 recently because of the Netcast features, foolishly expecting that it was a new service and new features would be added. I emailed LG and they said "no". So that's that then.

    sweet... i can maybe start using some of the features of my series 8 samsung... lol

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