Samsung’s Best New TV: The UN65D8000 Is Skinny And Internet-y

The shiniest of Samsung's new TV fleet, the 65-inch UN65D8000, browses the net, runs apps and offers local dimming - plus the usual active 3D. It's also thin as hell, with a new redesigned bezel that looks straight up gorgeous.

The flagship LCD set (also available in 55-inch and 46-inch versions) is essentially last year's 8000 line - same 240Hz refresh rate for a smoother picture and bright LED backlighting. But the most striking part of the refresh is the new, tiny bezel - shrunk down to 0.2 inches around. It makes older sets look a bit chubby (and means less distraction from what you're watching). Other boosts include some webby perks: an added full web browser and "media search" - perhaps a stab into Google TV territory - and built-in Wi-Fi, precluding pesky dongles. And speaking of peskiness (or rather its absence), the D8000s - along with the rest of the new sets - will support Samsung's snappy, lightweight Bluetooth 3D glasses. This Bluetooth support means no annoying issues with interference or living room line of sight that can make IR glasses a drag.

The new flagship plasma is another skinny D8000 series - 1.5 inches deep, full web browser and active 3D.

The rest of the lineup plays it fairly straight - 3D, mostly the same, and with some weight shed (plus support for those Bluetooth shades):

• LED D7000 line shares the 8000's 0.2 inch bezel, in 46-inch, 55-inch and 60-inch models. • LED D6400 Series - 120Hz refresh, active 3D, sizes in 32, 40, 46, 55 and 60 inches. • Plasma D6500 Series - identical to the D8000 (sans browser), with 51-inch and 59-inch sizes. No Bluetooth glasses support for this one, alas.

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