Reborn 4G Sidekick Revealed?

The teen texting dream machine and proto-smartphone Sidekick is rising from the grave, imbued with 4G and Android superpowers. And now we've got an alleged first look at it, courtesy of TmoNews - old Sidekick, sans fugliness, plus giant screen.

You nostalgics might be disappointed by what looks like the absence of the old swivel screen action (it always had kind of a satisfying snap), but a front-facing is good news. It also appears Samsung's making the Sidekick this time around.

Without its own (sort of goofy) OS, the 4G Sidekick will have to glide by on what looks to be a pretty roomy keyboard, and the aforementioned generous screen. And, of course, 4G sure doesn't hurt. [TmoNews via Engadget]

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