Rally Car Rigged With HD Cams Is Next Best Thing To Riding Shotgun

Rally racing requires an extreme degree of skill - that's why you need a copilot. But if you don't have that (or miles of wilderness track to slide around on nearby), this video trek offers multiple angles of rally reality.

It's a Subaru ad, yeah, but as far as ads go it's pretty entertaining. Using YouTube annotations, you can switch between a cockpit view, demonstrating the barrage of copilot commands and minute wheel adjustments the driver is constantly subjected to, along with a bumper cam, external shot and close-up of the driver in action. It's one thing to play it in a game, but seeing just how complex and furious such driving is gives you an actual appreciation for it.

However, because it is an ad, if you do find the video amusing, you're morally obligated to go out and buy a Subaru rally car. Sorry!

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