Precorder For iPhone

Precorder For iPhone

Problem: When you’re shooting video with your iPhone, you have to record continuously, lest you miss the magic moment. Precorder quietly records the whole time, so you can wait for the action and then add a few seconds of build-up.

What is it?

Precorder, iPhone, $1.19. A replacement for your iPhone’s built in video-shooting app, Precorder is perpetually saving a few seconds of video before you actually hit the record button. If you’re filming a specific action, as opposed to a general scene, you can wait for the thing, whatever that may be, to happen, then add a few seconds of build-up after the fact. It’s kinda brilliant.

Who’s it good for?

Anyone who’s into shooting video with their iPhone (especially people who shoot, say, pets) or people who would be into shooting video on their iPhone if not for the fact that they miss the right moment every time.

Why’s it better than alternatives?

The alternative is keeping your iPhone recording for the duration of whatever you’re filming, or just crossing your fingers and hoping you jam on “record” at just the right second. So yeah, it’s better than those alternatives.

How could it be even better?

A slicker UI wouldn’t hurt, and it’d be nice to have some easier options for setting the quality of the saved video.

Precorder, $1.19 | iTunes

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