Play Those iPad Apps Like A True Musician

Convinced you're going to hit the bigtime with those music-creating apps you keep downloading? The StompBox works with iOS devices for foot-controlling effects like a proper pedalboard, whereas the mic stand puts the iPad's sheet music right in front.

At $US100/£70, you'll be wanting to make sure you use the StompBox enough to get your money's worth. Users can assign the switches to various effects for using with apps like iShred Live, connecting to iPads by the meter-long connector cable.

$US40/£30 gets you the mic-stand mount, which screws onto normal mic stands, placing the iPad center-front for displaying sheet music or how-to videos. The mic-stand mount is available this month, but keen musos will have to wait longer for the StompBox - only a couple of months, though. [StompBox and Mic Stand Mount]

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