OHKI Is The Latest Budget Aussie TV Brand To Hit The Interwebs

There's hardly a shortage of cheap TVs being sold on the Internet here in Australia, but newcomer OHKI is hoping that flexible payment options are enough to win customers over.

At the moment, the brand is only offering a single 42-inch LG panel with LED backlighting, 1920 x 1080 resolution and an integrated HD tuner, although they do plan to expand on that offering in 2011. The difference is that they are offering the $999 TV to be purchased using Flexirent, with a two week free trial period at the start of the purchase. The catch for both is that these options you need to buy the TV over the phone rather than online.

Of course, not everyone should consider using a solution like Flexirent, but in terms of purchasing online (or at least over the phone, in terms of the Flexirent option), it's always nice to have options. As to the quality of the TV - well, on that we have no idea... yet.


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    Looking at their T&C, either they have been set up by Orange IT, or they have copy and pasted their T&C from Orange IT and forgotten to remove all references.

      That is funny how many Orange IT refrences they have in there :)

    Umm, Harvey Norman has had 'flexible' payment options for many years now.

    The payments on the $999 tv come out at $67.43 per month over a 24 month term - that's $1618.32 total. That's an annual interest rate of over 50%!! And you have to give it back at the end of the term or pay extra to keep it!!!

    "not everyone should consider using a solution like Flexirent"

    Should read: Very few should consider a solution like Flexirent. They're gouging bastards who prey on the poor and stupid. I shoud know, I was both.

    Perhaps the offer is phone only because it's far easier for a good salesperson to convince you that paying however-much more for your "$999" television is a smart move.

    Oh please... PLEASE... do some research about real cheap TVs before posting this dribble.

    JB HiFi has been offering their cheap/rubbish OKANO brand 42" Full-HD LCD for $499. Sure, it's not LED, but it's HALF the price.

    For $999, I could get a Sony Bravia 40" Full-HD LED from any of the major retailers, and some of them do interest-free finance.

    So why, pray tell, would I waste money on this dribble?

    and by cheap do we mean s**t?

    it may be an LG panel, and while the panel is important, NEVER underestimate the importance of the image processors, and just because they have an LG panel, doesn't mean they have a good processor. especially for SD and non 1080p content, it makes ALL the difference.

    having said that: they deliver it to your door and you get a free trial period? sounds good to me! what have you got to loose? (let me guess, delivery fees?) also the flexirent option really should speak to their budget conscious market. so while they might be another entry in the bloated cheap and not so cheerful market, at least they are making a real go at it.

    and who knows? maybe they'll turn out to be awesome?

    If it looks like an advertorial, sounds like an advertorial and reads like an advertorial...

      ...it's a quick update news post that isn't actually reviewing or endorsing anything?

    These TV's are going regularly for around $700 delivered on ebay. I picked one up for a friend and was quite impressed with the quality and features for the price. With a media player and pvr built in, and running at 120hz, it's definitely value for money.

    ha ha ha

    I read these comments, and then bought one,,,,

    - bad bleeding from the edges of the screen on all four sides
    - bad graphics follow any object whenever any movement on screen ie some walks L - R
    - built in speakers are terribly tinny, must use external speakers

    well I guess I can sell it again on ebay or pay $150 to return the sucker....

    ... "built in speakers are terribly tinny, must use external speakers"

    Read the literature. All the reports of the thin flat screen tvs mention poor acoutic reproduction. All reviewers mention the need for external speakers or ear-phones.

    On the edge bleed. I bought a Kogan edge lit TV. No bleeds, but uneven lighting. Generally used as a 24 inch portrait monitor on my PCs. So it's very obvious. As a TV, it has a bad true refresh rate.

    Choice magazine gave Kogan as low a reliability rating as any retailer could ever get in Australia. Even Dell & other retalers tried to sell Kogan brand.

    My opinion: MADE-IN-CHINA is poor & primitive. Japan is best for cars, optics, electronics, etc. Then, in order of general merit IMO, Germany, Taiwan, Sth Korea, USA, Singapore, .... , New Zealand, Australia.

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