OHKI Is The Latest Budget Aussie TV Brand To Hit The Interwebs

There's hardly a shortage of cheap TVs being sold on the Internet here in Australia, but newcomer OHKI is hoping that flexible payment options are enough to win customers over.

At the moment, the brand is only offering a single 42-inch LG panel with LED backlighting, 1920 x 1080 resolution and an integrated HD tuner, although they do plan to expand on that offering in 2011. The difference is that they are offering the $999 TV to be purchased using Flexirent, with a two week free trial period at the start of the purchase. The catch for both is that these options you need to buy the TV over the phone rather than online.

Of course, not everyone should consider using a solution like Flexirent, but in terms of purchasing online (or at least over the phone, in terms of the Flexirent option), it's always nice to have options. As to the quality of the TV - well, on that we have no idea... yet.


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