Oh Hey, Your Delightfully Tacky Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle Is Ringing

Rarely do ostentatiously tacky and expensive rich people things look gaudy and do something useful at the same time. That's still the case here, as this curious Louis Vuitton belt buckle continues the trend. It's also a mobile phone, you see...

I mean, who wouldn't want a giant gold mobile phone belt buckle vibrating at crotch level for all to see? That's kind of the whole point, duh.

The craftsmanship simply screams "I will last about three weeks before breaking and/or turning your trousers green."

Well, the screen certainly works in this picture.

Sadly, this is not Louis Vuitton's first foray into the world of luxurious gadgetry, nor will it be the last. [GizChina]

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