Nintendo Softens Their Stance On Potential 3DS Eye Hazards

Last week, eye specialists said that 3D screens aren't hazardous to anyone's eyes, let alone young kids. Now Nintendo is backtracking on their 3DS warning, saying the 3DS is "not dangerous."

In his interview with the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata went on to say the following:

"We are being proactive about informing our customer, even though it may not necessarily be positive for our sales," said Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's president, in a rare interview.

Rough translation: they're pretty certain the 3DS won't do shit to the eyes of kids, but they really dont want to deal with a couple of overly litigious parents who think their offspring's myopia is due to the portable gaming console and not their terrible genetic traits they handed down. [Wall Street journal via Geek]

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