Mum Loses Her 6 Kids Over Game Addiction, Filthy Home

A Pennsylvania woman has lost custody of her six young children after investigators found the kids living in a filthy house littered with "animal waste". Why the deplorable conditions? The mother is "addicted" to online computer games.

Police say the kids, which are 11 years old and younger, were sleeping on bare mattresses and had little to no food, according to a WPXI report. Elizabeth Ruffner neglected her children due to her game addiction, says her husband, the kids' stepfather. WPXI's report doesn't identify the game by name, but uses footage of a Grand Theft Auto game in its report.

Child services have taken custody of the kids and police plan to file felony child endangerment charges.

Police: Online Gaming Addict Neglected Her 6 Children [WPXI]

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