LG TVs In 2011: Smart Software For Film Fans, Apps, New 3D

LG TVs In 2011: Smart Software For Film Fans, Apps, New 3D

LG’s new “Smart TV” software adds a simple way to browse movies, websites, and – of course – apps, from their own new storefront. Paid flicks, along with beloved Netflix streaming, will be available, making it easier to watch what you want.

Aside from adding a big new library to browse from the couch and web browsing, the Smart TV’s “Media Link” feature will add overlaid info what you’re already watching – background on actors, synposes and viewer ratings.

The new smartness will be available across a bunch of LG’s 2011 TV lineup – including the standout of the crew, their huge 72-inch 3D LED backlit set, the LZ9700. The LZ9700’s got a smooth 400Hz refresh rate, local dimming, and, probably most important, a lot of giganticness.

In not so surprising news, LG’s got a 3D announcement, bringing what they call “Cinema 3D” to two 2011 models, the INFINIA LW6500 and LW5600. Claiming “zero flicker” and improved viewing angle, the glasses are essentially the same polarised shades you put on at the movie theatre – meaning no batteries or emitters.

Smart TV can also be hooked up with a handful of LG’s Blu-ray players – or, if you don’t feel like buying a new set, there’s a discrete upgrade box that’ll add the Smart TV interface to your existing LG TV. Along with the aforementioned Netflix, Smart TV will offer access to VUDU, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Amazon VoD and live streaming pro sports (among others). [LG]