LG Mobile Planning 3D Smartphone Launch For July

At CES LG showed us more than one solid new Android phone. Another on show, as yet unnamed, was wearing a glasses-free 3D screen. And if all goes to plan we should be seeing it hit the market in July this year.

With the update this morning that the nvidia Tegra 2 3D Processor will be launching very soon, it seems likely this is what will be running under the hood. LG told us they're currently working to get a 3D camera system built into the phone so you can grab your own 3D content to enjoy on the device -- presumably while you're waiting for commercial 3D offerings to become available on such a portable platform.

According to Nathan Dunn, General Manager of Mobile for LG Electronics Australia, the 3D smartphone should also be running on a big 4.3-inch display though it will fit into a profile only slightly larger than the Optimus 2X. While no mention was made of the Tegra 2 3D Processor, Dunn did tell us the phone would be running a dual-core processor.

As noted in the Tegra 2 3D news, this may also be using a more advanced parallax technology than the typical parallax barrier that will be used on the Nintendo 3DS.



    Wow. LG sure are showing off some incredible industry leading smartphones. Any hype for the 3DS will go down the toilet if a company like LG pull this off with better 3D. Imagine 1080p 3D video on this thing! I'm very impressed.

      As long as the screen resolution keeps up that is. I'm definitely excited about glasses-less 3D on my next smartphone, but not if it is at the expense of detail and pixel density. Most of the mobile 3D screens demoed so far have all been pretty low res, so I hope this changes that.

      1280x800 16x10 3D 4" S-AMOLED+ screen please :)

      Yeh but imagine the battery life, dual core plus 3D.. it will last half a day if its lucky!

    if you can take 3d photos and videos, then those can be uploaded on youtube and shared with many other phones/tablets that have 3d displays. that will be the boom of the 3d content. tv networks and movie studios will try to catch up and add 3d to their offerings and eventually tv sets will have no choice but to catch up with the technology and create the ability to see 3d content for more than one simultaneous viewer. pretty much if a screen has 1000 vertical lines of resolution. for 1 viewer you need 2000 lines to create the 3d impression, and 4000 lines for two viewers or 8000 lines for four. Since HD has a 1,080 horizontal resolution, the tv set needs 8,640 horizontal pixels to create the 3d impression for four viewers.

    Man... I am hanging for this!
    My Crapple plan is up and I don't want to go with any other phone until i've at least had a drive of this one.

    Please bring it out sooner LG. Please!

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