Lexmark Genesis Printer Features Camera-Based Scanner

Lexmark has dubbed their Genesis a 'Now-In-One' printer. The all-in-one is all about speed, with a particularly outstanding scanner that uses a camera system to deliver instant previews and full scans in just three seconds.

The Flash Scan technology delivers 300dpi scanning of an A4 scanning window. The system basically uses a camera sensor to instantly snapshot the scan area. The biggest nuisance is an awkward angle for the scan bed, but the speed is hard to dismiss.

It's fast printing, too, with first page in just three seconds. And it looks pretty good sitting on a table, too!

Release dates are yet to be announced, you can see more shots and info at the official site. Let's hope we see more of this scanning tech hitting the scene. Or are people just using their cameras as de facto scanners now anyway?

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