LaCie FastKey More Tiny SSD Than USB Stick

LaCie FastKey More Tiny SSD Than USB Stick

At first glance you wonder if this USB key needs to go on a diet. Like something from ten years ago, it seems much bigger than it needs to be. Oh, but then you find it’s packing 120GB in there, and will dump it all at a rate of 260MB/s. Suddenly it’s not a big USB key, it’s a tiny external SSD.

The LaCie FastKey also features a DRAM cache and genuine SSD controller, so it runs like a serious USB 3.0 drive should. There’s 256-bit encryption technology in there too for keeping data locked up tight. The write speed is also 180MB/s.

So while the 120GB model runs at 260/180 transfer rates (in MegaBYTES, not bits), there are 30GB and 60GB models available which run at reduced speeds. 210/70 and 240/125 respectively.

Update: The LaCie FastKey 120GB has a local price of $499, with the 60GB version priced at $299.

LaCie is also spruiking the fact they’ve pushed USB 3.0 across their full range of products now, including the sale of USB 3.0 add-on cards. They’re also supplying Mac drivers for their add-on cards, so everyone can grab hold of uberfast transfer speeds without delay.

Hands up who likes fast data?