Jennifer Love Hewitt Meets The World's Largest Magnetic Sculpture

Nanodots - those tiny magnetic pellets that you can sculpt with - have reached new heights and widths. To celebrate the Golden Globes, the company linked over 550,000 nanodots into a 272kg award statuette. It's not real, Jennifer Love Hewitt!

The faux-Globe shattered the previous record of 32,786 magnetic dots, although it seems a little bit like the contest is basically "who's got the most nanodots", and that the Nanodots company is probably going to win every time. But! That doesn't mean we can't admire the big bright shiny magnets. It also puts J-Love about as close as she's going to come to one of these Major Awards, especially after the criminal injustice of too, too many Ghost Whisperer snubs. [Nanodots]

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