It’s How Big? 12 Comparisons Of Large Objects

It’s How Big? 12 Comparisons Of Large Objects

Because just telling you that the Independence of the Seas is 19m taller than the Chrysler Building isn’t nearly as effective. This collection of infographics from our friends at Oobject sizes up some exceptionally large items.

Which skyscrapers can fit in the Detroit salt mine?

This Ice Cube neutrino telescope is taller than these five skyscrapers stacked end to end.

Four nuclear reactors able to propel a vehicle to Mars.

A terrifying comparison of the relative strengths of nuclear armaments.

The Independence of the Seas, one of the world’s largest cruise ships, if it stood next to the Eiffel Tower.

A comparison of various undersea oil drilling platforms.

A comparison of oil tankers.

Palace of the Soviet’s Lenin Statue vs The Statue of Liberty.

The US population has a tendency to clump, here’s how.

The completion dates of skyscrapers are uncanny predictors of US economic turns.

A collection of US space-faring vehicles, by length.

Various military ordinances as compared to a small child.

For more images of and from very high places check out these dramatic views from the top, some videos of this guy climbing buildings, 15 images of skyscrapers on hold, a collection of Arabian skyscrapers, and 24 images of the construction of the Burj Dubai.