Is This Wireless Graphics Card Stupidly Intuitive Or Just Stupid?

Is This Wireless Graphics Card Stupidly Intuitive Or Just Stupid?

Cable cutting is almost a reflexively good thing, right? Wireless mice, wireless console controllers, wireless internet – but is this wireless KFA2 GeForce GTX460 graphics card just wireless for the pure sake of it? Or is this the future?

The ostensibly cool factor of a graphics card like this – which KFA2 claims can output 1080p video at 60hz via a monitor receiver – is that it’ll allow you to place your display and (wireless) keyboard/mouse anywhere you want, freed from your desktop. Stick the desktop in the basement! Or under the bed! Or wherever. The appeal here lies in getting the desktop tower out of sight and, I suppose, saving space. Which is good!

But then what? I’m not sure where else most people are going to be using their desktop computers other than… a desk. And if you’re already at the desk, is it really so much of a pain to have the computer next to you? Where does KFA2 free us to place the tower-less computer, with its 30m range? On a dining room table? In the kitchen? These all seem like places in a home where a tablet or laptop would hit the spot, rather than a PC monitor, mouse and keyboard. And keep in mind, that monitor still needs a power cable.

Hooking up KFA2’s receiver to an HDTV is also an option, but, blech – the idea of sitting on my couch with a wireless mouse makes my skin crawl.

This is also to say nothing of the potential for wireless interference and range issues – not what you want to run into while gaming or watching a movie (or doing anything, really).

Cables are a hassle, for sure – but really only when they’re meant to be hooked up to something that we’re moving around with any frequency at all. An external hard drive. A phone. Which is why I couldn’t care less about the rat’s nest of HDMI cables behind my TV – I never go back there, and I never move the thing around. Wirelessly streaming video from a laptop to a TV, or a camera to a computer, or whatnot – these all make sense, as one object in the equation is either small or far away enough from the other to make mobility a factor. But the wireless desktop monitor? I’m not quite convinced anyone needs such a thing. [KFA2 via DVICE]