iPad-Controlled SuperYacht Costs 'Just' $US600,000 For A Week

P Diddy has become one of the first of the ultra-rich to hire the Solemates yacht after it launched from Monaco's docks last year. Every guest who boards gets loaned an iPad for controlling everything onboard - except navigation.

They can adjust the lighting, airconditioning and blinds in their cabins, plus order drinks and food via a custom app that taps into the yacht's system. The app isn't available for downloading in the App Store, however, which may explain why guests don't get to keep the iPad after they get back to land.

You can just imagine P Diddy switching the lights on and off in Jay Z and Beyonce's cabin from afar - not exactly conducive to a romantic holiday, I'm sure you'll agree. [Jameslist via Dutch Daily News via Born Rich]

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