Idiot's Idiotic Live Grenade Bookend Explodes After Idiot Pulls Pin

Sort of stupid: using WWII grenades as bookends. Really stupid: giving one of those grenades to a neighbour, no questions asked. Extremely stupid: accepting said grenade. Maximum stupid: immediately pulling the pin from that grenade. Bomb squad, come on down!

For the record, it's surprising that someone dumb enough to use a grenade as a bookend would read enough to require a bookend, but I digress. The gent, Orlando's WKMG Local 6 reports, "Quickly realised something wasn't quite right" and then "replaced the pin." A man of true insight. The pin-happy fellow, acting on his intuition that there was something off about the grenade he'd just triggered, called in the police bomb squad.

The grenade (and another the neighbour had - you know, for the rest of her books!) was detonated by robot in a nearby field, leaving a two-foot crater in the ground. To replace this unfortunate loss of bookends, we suggest using bricks, or heavy coconuts, or literally anything else that isn't filled with 70 year old explosives.

[Image via spaxiax/Shutterstock]

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