How To Spray A Fully Formed Cocktail Out Of A Soda Gun

The Waylon is a delicious, deceptively simple cocktail: smoke-infused Coca-Cola, water and bourbon. It's not shaken or stirred like the average mixed drink, though.

Say what you will about the pretentiousness of the term mixology and the feisty little world it tends to circumscribe, but any geek should appreciate the nerdiness that goes into a drink like the Waylon. Eben Freeman uses a custom setup that echoes "garage laboratory" more than be-vested, bespectacled, bearded purist. In one canister goes the ultra-concentrated smoke coke and bourbon, in the other, a ton of CO2. It's forced through the first canister, pushing the mix into a chilled block of metal. And sspppsshshsh, cocktail.

You can drink it tomorrow night at Fatty Johnson's in the West Village in NYC. Check out the whole process here: [The Feast]

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