How Can A Cathedral Built From Trash Look So Beautiful?

The Queen may have Buckingham Palace, Nicolas Cage may own half of Europe's castles, but Don Justo has this beautiful cathedral of trash. He's been building it in Madrid for 50-odd years now, and is almost finished.

In fact, since he left his life as a monk 50 years ago and began building the cathedral (which is modelled on St. Peter's in Italy, along with the White House and other cathedrals and churches), he's built it up to 40m high and just needs to add a roof and a few windows. Most of his building matter came from salvaged materials and junk, which he built up on his own land over 8000sqm with his own two hands.

While most countries wouldn't allow such building to take place without permission - especially not by someone lacking the necessary building qualifications - Madrid's council has turned a blind eye to Don Justo's cathedral. He is, however, pursing a permit so that visitors could come and worship in his Cathedral of Trash. [BBC via Inhabitat]

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