House Of Marley Roots Rock iPhone Boombox Will Definitely Not Be Listened To While Smoking Weed

Sure, it might just look like a normal boombox, and maybe even sound like one, but the Roots Rock is endorsed by the Marley family. And it has canvas straps! Perfect for listening to... hmm... Daft Punk? The Flaming Lips?

Aside from its Rastafarian aesthetic and being fodder for a lot of poor pot jokes, the Roots Rock seems capable enough for those Reggae fans in need of both a boombox, iPhone dock, and several cargo pockets. If I had a lot of friends, we would take this to the beach and make a bonfire, while enjoying the boombox's dual 4-inch speakers and dedicated tweeter, all donned in recycled plastic. And then we would remain sober, and discuss global finance. Bonus karma: part of the proceeds from the House of Marley audio line will go towards the family's 1Love charitable foundation. [House of Marley]

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