Hey Brainiac Kids, Win $US50,000 In Google's Global Science Fair

The science fair! I don't think any of my schools ever had one, but according to the movies they are a bonafide rite of passage for young nerds everywhere. Now, Google's hosting one with a $US50,000 grand prize.

The Google Global Science Fair 2011, a competition for kids aged 13 to 18, hopes to find "budding Einsteins and Curies", brilliant young minds who are already interested in working out today's pressing science problems. Entries are to be submitted online with a Google Site accompanied by a two-minute video. You can read about all those details here.

And the prizes! Oh the prizes. The Grand Prize winner will get to go on a National Geographic expedition to the Galapagos Islands - maybe they'll be the next Darwin! - as well as a $US50,000 scholarship, some sort of internship or something at their choice of CERN, Google, LEGO or Scientific American, and - and!- a LEGO mosaic of their likeness. Paper mache volcanoes at the ready! [Google Global Science Fair]

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