Google Shows Why The World Is Screwed

Women squirting, women sports, business women, want women, naked women, flashing women, men eating, men underwear, jerking men, men rape, beast men, micro men... this is what people have in mind while googling for women or men. It gets worserer.

Chris Harrison got a 100GB bigram dataset from Google - a list of word pairs used by people to search on the web - and made these wonderful graphics to show what people are really curious about.

He arranged them on a rainbow chart, with the two base words at each end. The words are grouped in 25 different rays separated at 4 per cent intervals. The closest the ray is to the word, the more common the search pair is. In the ray, the words are arranged by decreasing frequency: The closest the word is to the centre of the rainbow, the more frequent it is.

Here are some examples, like cat vs dog, cold vs hot, women vs men or hate vs love.

Go to Chris' page to get more of these fascinating charts. [Chris Harrison]

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