Foxtel Offering Despicable Me In 3D This Month

The 3D hype train keeps thundering along, but the number of content passengers riding it can still be counted on a single hand. But there's good news for anyone looking for more 3D to watch on their new TVs, with Foxtel today announcing that the Universal animated hit Despicable Me will be available in 3D On Demand from January 27.

Naturally, there is a catch, with Foxtel charging $7 for a 48 hour rental, compared to $6 for the HD version and $5.50 for the SD version. You also need an iQHD set top box connected via HDMI, and have to remember to put the TV in "side-by-side" 3D mode to watch the film.

Still, considering the complete lack of 3D content out there, actually providing something entertaining on TV is a nice move forward. Hopefully 3D fans will get more of the same over the coming year (while those that don't care about 3D can continue on with our lives).


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