For The Love Of God, Make This Snow Scraper A Reality

Over at Quirky, the Snowdozer, a collapsible, double-bladed snow scraper, has 145 of 1200 preorders it needs to go into production. Is there any conceivable cause more important for you to get behind than this one?

As the snow piled up here in New York last night, I watched out my window as people tried to free their cars from their shrouds of snow and ice. A few had the standard single-blade plastic scraper. One dude was using his umbrella. But they all looked pretty miserable.

What we need is something that will make snow fear us. Something like the Snowdozer. It has a handle for alleviating strain and two blades for simultaneous scraping action. I can't imagine how it wouldn't drastically improve the experience of liberating your icy windshield. It's currently being presold on Quirky for $US17, which I think is like Kickstarter in that it takes a certain critical mass of supporters to actually become a real thing. Currently it has 145; it needs 1200. But after last night, I imagine that people are going to jump on the chance to upgrade their winter weaponry. [Quirky via Uncrate]

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