FCC Chairman Wants Apps To Function As Net Neutrality Watchdogs

Sure, the FCC got some net neutrality standards in place, but the majority of people probably wouldn't know if their bandwidth was artificially throttled. That's why chairman Julius Genachowski wants computer apps to alert users of any such funny business.

Dubbed the "Open Internet Challenge", the FCC wants software makers to help fight net neutrality violators by including code in their apps that would detect all instances of ISPs gone rogue. Here's what Genachowski had to say, according to Reuters:

"Our goal is to foster user-developed applications that shine light on any practice that might be inconsistent with the free and open Internet," FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said.

The challenge also tries to boost useful research into ways to measure, preserve and track the openness of the Internet.

The FCC said apps could provide real-time data to an individual experiencing a slow Internet connection speed, test networks for Internet service providers and aggregate network data for academics and policymakers.

I, for one, am all for it. But you'd think they'd at least include a prize for completing the challenge, amiright? [Reuters]

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