Every Nerf Gun Should Look This Amazing

Nerf guns are fun, but sometimes it's hard to use one without looking like you're at an eight-year-old's birthday party. One toy gun tinkerer, however, made his own - and it's like something out of a Bond flick.

The DIY pistol is by no means the first in adult-looking Nerf weaponry, but I've never seen one so slickly minimal, and so downright classy. The aluminium and wooden construction look sexier than anything that resembles an actual piece of military hardware.

The entire assembly is homemade, housed inside aluminium and PVC piping. A spring was culled from another gun, and the entire mechanism is deliciously hidden away. Simon, the gun's creator, was even kind enough to put his directions online, should you feel like building your own moon assassin sidearm. [Asciimation via MAKE]

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