Every Camera Should Be As Connected As Samsung's SH100 With Android Remote Powers

Samsung's SH100 isn't the first point-and-shoot to have Wi-Fi, but it makes better use of it than most: You can use Samsung's Galaxy S Android phones as a wireless remote and geotagger for the camera.

The Galaxy phone works as a real-time viewfinder and remote—though it's not clear how much control you have from the phone beyond zoom and shutter—and the GPS inside can be used by the camera for geotagging. The Wi-Fi also shoots photos back to a PC or DLNA-compatible HDTV, along with instant uploads to Facebook, YouTube, Picasa and PhotoBucket (no Flickr??). All of that's awesome—and really should be standard in everyday point-and-shoots at this point.

The rest of the camera is middling, like the 1/2.33-inch sensor packed with 14.2 megapixels, and relatively sluggish f4.7 lens (hello, noise). But, given that you get all of these connected powers in a fairly $US200 camera coming out in March, it makes us a little hopeful it'll be the norm sooner vs. later. [Samsung]

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