Engineer Demonstrates How To Steal Nearly $1 Million From EMC One Piece At A Time

How does one steal nearly $US1 million worth of electronics and hardware from storage giant EMC? Easy: Just use a small bag and lots of patience. Unfortunately for him, not getting caught while doing this proved a bit more difficult.

The engineer in question is Kevin Kelly, who worked at EMC's North Carolina location as a tester. Also, as a catpurse, since he was able to smuggle approximately $US930,000 worth of goods out the door in a small bag over the course of an undisclosed amount of time. He then sold those goods under a pseudonym to a company called BL Trading.

Eventually Kelly was arrested for his crimes and today faces up to 32 years in prison, even after pleading guilty. BL Trading is being charged with a host of crimes too, including receipt of stolen property, fraud and transportation of stolen property. [IT News via Slashdot]

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