Dual Core Processors Could Be Mandatory For Android Honeycomb

If Bobby Cha of Enspert is to be believed, Google's upcoming Android 3.0 release, Honeycomb, will only work on devices with dual-core processors. Oh, and 1280x720 resolution screens will also be a must.

According to PC World, the Korean electronics executive told them Honeycomb would target higher-end tablets initially, requiring that they run the Tegra 2 chipset (until more mobile devices implement the ARM Cortex A9, at least). And apparently, a 7-inch screen is the the smallest size this OS would be allowed on. As PC World also points out, this would create an interesting product fragmentation if the rumour is true, as devices like the Galaxy Tab wouldn't be able to upgrade to 3.0, not to mention any current Android smartphone.

But I'm sure we'll hear plenty more about this in the near, near future, seeing as the Moto Tablet is forthcoming. [PC World via Boy Genius]

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