Coalition Will Kill The NBN Dead In Its Tracks If Elected

Coalition Will Kill The NBN Dead In Its Tracks If Elected

The coalition has been campaigning pretty hard against the NBN since they didn’t win the election last year, but they’ve typically been pretty quiet about what they’d do instead. In an interview with David Ramli at ARN, Opposition Communications spokesperson Malcolm Turnbull has admitted that they will stop the NBN rollout in its tracks should they get into power.

Addressing the question, "At what point does the NBN become to big to stop?" Turnbull explains:

We would stop the construction of the NBN, quickly conduct a rigorous cost-benefit analysis, identify those elements in the NBN infrastructure that should be maintained and integrated perhaps into the new separated network company and identify the areas that are deficient in terms of connectivity and prioritise them and make sure they are addressed.

Turnbull continues the interview by confessing that the Liberal policy wouldn't be announced until closer to the election, but he does emphasise that wireless is going to be at the centre of their plans to supply broadband to rural areas.

It's a fascinating interview, and while I disagree with Turnbull on a number of issues surrounding the NBN, there's no question that the man has a deeper understanding of the industry than his predecessor and his party leader. Head over to ARN to read the whole thing.