CES Diary: iPad Check-Ins For Las Vegas

CES Diary: iPad Check-Ins For Las Vegas

Nick and I will be bouncing some thoughts from each day of CES back and forth to share some more casual perspectives on the goings on here in Vegas. Like today’s thoughts on daylight ‘overnight’ flights and how some Vegas hotels are embracing the latest hardware to jazz up the joint.

Seamus: The day flight to the USA is always a tough trip to start working straight off the back of. But I was glad I stopped in at the CES Unveiled event to see a batch of new gear right away. The US guys picked up a few of the same things I liked, like the iPad projector dock, new Mophie iAccessories and the new Joby iCases. It’s going to be tough getting around the show floor as I’ve got a good deal of appointments lined up, so a rapid view of a bunch of new toys is a big help for my days here. I’m also lucky to be based in The Venetian, the venue for CES Unveiled as well as many of tomorrow’s press conferences. And that’s gonna be a big day!

Nick: Agreed on the day flight thing. I was so optimistic I could totally skip the jetlag by timing my sleep just right, but I totally failed to account for not being able to get to sleep. By the time we arrived in Vegas and I managed to get checked into my hotel room, showered, checked Giz and emails, I’d totally missed my chance at the CES Unveiled event. Fortunately, I still have the next four days to pound the floor like a piece of meat and see everything in the flesh.

Part of me wishes I was staying in the Venetian too for the convenience, but I have to say, the Cosmopolitan where I’m staying is pretty sweet. The check in desk has iPads custom fitted into the counter, and if they need your signature at checkin, you have to sign one of them with your finger. I can’t imagine signing anything with the tip of my index finger – can you?

Seamus: I hear the Cosmopolitan is the newest casino in town, so it’s awesome to hear they’re pulling out some of the latest tech weapons.

The Venetian is now almost 12 years old, which is middle aged by Vegas standards. [Actually, I think there’s a Megastructures episode all about the building of The Venetian… at the time it was a very big deal!]It’s got its special features — like an indoor canal with gondale to ride in — but it’s window dressing compared to the real tech running under the hood of so much of this town. From slot machines to the computer controlled fountains of the Bellagio.

Though the real sinister threat is how Cirque du Soleil is taking over EVERYTHING. Seriously, seven shows plus many more ‘presented by’ attractions around the place? Thankfully the high-tech circus is in town this week! Let’s hit it hard tomorrow!